California Bluebird Recovery Program (CBRP) 


Don Yoder, Founder (Deceased)
Dick Blaine, Program Director
Georgette Howington, Assistant  Director
Dave Cook, Board Member
Dick Purvis, Board Member (Recruiting)
Jim Semelroth, Board Member (Editor Bluebirds Fly!)


12/29/2017 Added Annual Report 2017, updated county coordinators, 22 year results, trail history data
1/05/2018 Added Winter Newsletter 2017/2018 (Bluebirds Fly!)
7/18/2018 Added Summer Newsletter 2018 (Bluebirds Fly!)
1/23/2019 Added Annual Report 2018, updated county coordinators, 23 year results, trail history data.
1/30/2019 Added Winter Newsletter 2018/2019 (Bluebirds Fly!)
2/2/2019 Added Trail-Level Data 1999-2018


The background and aims of the California Bluebird Recovery Program are described in Don Yoder’s flyer. 
  Click here.

Following are documents, worksheets, forms, and resources relevant to nest box monitoring and reporting.  Some of the following files use Adobe’s PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader program. Click the following link to download: Download Acrobat Reader



Ø   Abbreviations for Cavity Nesting Birds
Ø   CBRP County Coordinators
Ø   Nestbox and Retriever Construction Plans and References
Ø   Taking Care of Your Nest Box
Ø   Educational Material (K-12) 
Ø   Presentations
Ø   Internet Discussion Groups:
Many regional and national discussion groups are available on the Web.  Following are the names of a few popular local groups supported on Yahoo:
     Birding_and_Gardening_in_California Calbirds
     Cabluebirds (Primary Bluebird Chat group)

Click on the following link to Yahoo and enter the name of one of the discussion groups (above) or “California Birding” into the search box on the main page.  Discussion groups on Yahoo

Ø   Graham, Hatch Monitoring Guide: Monitoring Your Bluebird Trail in California.  Applicable to all cavity nesting species. (reproduced with the permission of Hatch Graham) Click here

Ø   Myrna Pearman's Mountain Bluebird Trail Monitoring Guide.  Applicable to other cavity nesting species.  Available from the SCVAS office.  Suggested donation of $5.



Ø     State Result Summary 1996-2018
Ø     State Trail-level Data 1999-2018
Ø     State Box-by-Box-level Data 2006-2011
Ø     Annual Reports
Ø     Data Availability and Analysis


Ø    Bluebirds Fly Issues


Ø     Individual Nest Box Record - CBRP Form #1 (New 1/5/2015)
Record the status by nest box.  Keep for your records.
Individual Nest Box Record - Form #1
Ø    Trail Worksheet Form - CBRP Form #2 (New 1/5/2015)
Alternate form to record nest box status by trail. Keep for your records.
All Nest Boxes on Trail - Form #2
Ø    Summary by Species - CBRP Form #3 (New 1/5/2015)
Summarize results prior to entering year end data into data collection worksheet.
Summary by Species – CBRP Form #3


Ø     Instructions/options for reporting


Ø Southern California Bluebird Club
Ø Bluebirds of San Diego County
Ø Violett's Bluebirds
Ø Tree Swallow Projects
Ø Cornell - The Birdhouse Network
Ø North American Bluebird Society
Ø The Raptor Trust
Ø Audubon - The Bluebird Box
Ø Audubon - Bird Boxes
Ø USGS - Building Nest Structures, Feeders.
Ø And … search the Web using Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  to find many more web sites of interest