The California Bluebird Recovery Program


Deadline December 31, 2010


Amount: $200/$500 grants - $5000 total


The California Bluebird Recovery Program (CBRP) supports activities related to the preservation and tracking of cavity nesting birds throughout the state of California.  We do this by constructing and deploying nest boxes.  During the nesting season we monitor and enter this data into the CBRP on-line database for use by students and scientific research.  In the 2009 nesting season 174 trail monitors reported data for 265 trails in 19 counties throughout California.  Information for 4129 nest boxes was reported yielding 15,781 fledglings of which 11,588 were Mountain and Western Bluebirds. Many of our participants are members of their local Audubon chapters.  See the CBRP web site at: California Bluebird Recovery Program


To encourage support for our cavity nester program and to further cooperation between CBRP and the California Audubon, we are offering to assist with the cost of purchasing material for the construction of nest boxes and retrievers for use on trails and chapter-sponsored K-12 educational projects.  We will reimburse up to $200 per individual request and $500 per chapter request..


Grant requirements, information, and plans for individual and group nest box construction are on the CBRP web site at Nestboxes. See the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society - CNRP for information on their cavity nesting activities in support of CBRP.  Please publicize this information to your members thru email, website postings and announcements at your meetings.