These grants will pay for 1) the construction of three or more boxes as replacement for existing boxes or for use on new trails by any member of a California Audubon Chapter and 2) group construction projects undertaken by the Chapter in support or a Cavity Nesting program or K-12 education activities.  For new trails/chapter requests retrievers may also be requested. 


Store-purchased, pre-built boxes and the cost of shipping are not included in these grants but kits/boxes sold by an Audubon or similar nature store are.  The grants will pay for wood, screws, glue, hanging wire and other hardware needed as well as one 10-20’ pole (pool pole or other) and PVC to be used for constructing a retriever.


Any Audubon Chapter may nominate a grant recipient and/or K-12 education project by sending an email to with the following information:


            1) Name and contact information of nominee and Audubon Chapter

            2) Brief description of the project; e.g.,
                        a) boxes for new or existing trail  or
                        b) K-12 education activity

            3) Name and location of trail or school

      4) Number, type (small/standard/large), and construction plan.  Construction plan should be one of those referenced in Nestboxes

            5) Is reimbursement for a retriever requested?

            6) Source of material.  Lumber yards, fencing companies and construction projects are good sources for scrap wood.  Boxes/kits for K-12 education projects may use the group construction plans (plywood) but those intended for deployment on trails should use more sturdy material such as  ¾” cedar from fences or weather-treated outdoor siding.

            7) Estimated cost


For requests involving new or replacement boxes, the nominee must agree to participate in CBRP for at least one full nesting season by monitoring the boxes weekly and entering the results into the CBRP on-line data base (see EndOfSeasonReport for information on end-of-season reporting).  Ownership of the boxes and retriever shall revert to the Audubon Chapter if the grantee does not continue monitoring in future nesting seasons.


Approval or rejection will be given within one week of receipt; following approval, checks will be mailed on receipt of copies of invoices.