California Bluebird Recovery Program (CBRP)


Following are references to material to help teachers create or purchase  commercial and\or arrange for field trips.  Any additional references would be welcome, especially material that you have created and are willing to share with others.  Please contact me at Dick Blaine.  More to come ...


*National Audubon Society  -
Educational material for teachers, fun and games for kids.

*Cornell University

Cornell University is one of the primary sources of educational material
(and much more) for educators and bird enthusiasts
This link is oriented toward bringing science to kids and provideds educators
with classroom modules.
This link points to information and resources for educators –
“helping you learn & Teach About Birds”

*Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society -
Classroom material (presentations, guides, workbooks) oriented toward the San Francisco Bay
See  Teacher Resource Center

*Children's Activity Guide by Myra Pearlman and Pauline Mousseau
 Mountain Bluebird Trails - click here
This activity guide is available for download form the web page as a PDF or available for purchase thru the Mountain Bluebirds Trail group.  It is currently being updated so as to provide better coverage of the west, Midwest and Eastern U.S.

*North American Bluebird Society -
VHS & slide presentation.  Click on "NABS Catalog' on the left-hand side of the page and then "education" on the left-hand side. 

*San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge - click here
 "Slow the Flow" is an educational program designed for grades 5-12 and is available free of charge to educators and organizations located in the SF  Bay Area.  See web site for more information.

*San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory -
Education & workshops for high school and adult level.
  See web site.

*Lucy Evans Interpretive Center, Palo Alto, CA Baylands
click here and  click here  See web site for range of educational material.

* City of Palo Alto, CA - School Classes & Outreach Program - click here
Programs include: Introduction to the Baylands, "Feel, Look, and Listen: preschool - high school, involves exploration of bird life in the salt marshes.

*Nature Mapping Program - State of Washington - click here
The NatureMapping Program builds the link between schools, citizens, and researchers in creating hands-on learning experiences. Local Learning Centers certified by NatureMapping provide the on-going support of real-life science inquiry which is guided by local research professionals.
See the following resources:  click here and click here

*Audubon Canyon Ranch - click here
Elementary School Environmental Education Program.  Each year, about 7000 elementary school children (3rd through 5th graders) from throughout the diverse communities of the Bay Area participate in a multi-facetted environmental education program. This experiential immersion in a preserved nature setting is a unique experience for many of these children, which provides an opportunity for them to learn about local native habitats, and to develop an appreciation for the natural world and a desire to protect it. There is no charge for the elementary school education program. Transportation scholarships are available for schools that lack funds to provide transportation to the sanctuaries.

Teachers interested in applying for their class to participate in the Environmental Education Program at Bolinas Lagoon Preserve should contact the Administrative Director at or 415-868-9244.

At Bouverie Preserve, the curriculum is designed for 3rd and 4th grades, and we focus on habitats and adaptations of organisms found in the rich chaparral, oak woodland, and riparian ecosystems. Teachers from Sonoma County that are interested in applying for the program at Bouverie Preserve should contact the Administrative Coordinator at or 707-938-4554.

*Sylvan Dell Teaching books - click here

Use FREE resources from Sylvan Dell's bird books for 'Draw a Picture of a Bird Day' today, and excite children about the world of birds! 30-80 page Cross Curricular Teaching Activities - organized by core subjects--Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, and Character & Citizenship--these activities help teachers incorporate Sylvan Dell titles into any lesson plan

* - excellent material for those teachers who would like to create their own curriculum.  Material is oriented toward the Eastern Bluebird but useful for Western and Midwest as well.

* Flying WILD: An Educator's Guide to Celebrating -  click here
This is a government sponsored environmental education curriculum program (CEE - Council for Environmental Education and EPA) guide.  Teacher training program and purchase of curriculum


*Bluebirds and Other Cavity-Nesting Birds – click here

This is one of the best of the teacher resources I have seen.  This Youth Project Book was developed by the 4H in conjunction with the IFAS Extension department of the University of Florida.  It is a 67 page project workbook containing learning projects ranging from bird basics to observation to building a birdhouse to career opportunities in the field.  The projects are designed to be completed in 1-3 years.